Bag Spill: 7 Items in Our Editor’s Purse RN

Bag Spill: 7 Items in Our Editor’s Purse RN

I’ve discussed at length the amount I watched our Social Media Editor’s Bag Spill YouTube video before I started working here. I was desperate to make a good impression and know the company inside and out, and to me, that meant having every single part of Abigail’s popular video ingrained into my memory, ready to shout at a moment’s notice. Then, once I started working here, I thought endlessly about what my own bag spill might contain. Would I talk about my makeup bag, like Josie? Would I prep my ideal workout bag (filled with my favorite protein bar, the best shower wipes, and resistance bands galore)? Maybe I’d go really wild and share my weekender for a trip? But if push came to shove, I knew exactly what I’d share in my purse: keys, phone, and wallet. That’s literally it. 

I’ve never been one to carry a giant purse unless I was toting wine to a friend’s place or bringing around a book to share. I keep my bag pretty bare when it comes to running errands and going out and about. Well, we’ve found ourselves in a very different situation, and my bare-bones bag had to get a little bit heftier to accommodate. And now that my time has finally come, I’m taking it upon myself to give you it all. So, here it is: what’s in my bag. 



1. Face masks

This is the most obvious addition to my bag as of late. I prefer to have two masks with me at all times: one in my bag, and of course, one on my face (have you ever been out and your mask breaks? Holding your mask to your face is the 2021 walk of shame). After trying dozens of masks over the year, I’ve discovered all the qualities I want in a good mask: it’s breathable, soft on my face, doesn’t stain with makeup (because we know I wear quite a bit), and isn’t super expensive. And I’ve found all of that (and more) with my new favorite mask from Soul Mask

These masks are made sustainably in Los Angeles by a small business, which I absolutely love supporting right now. It feels good to know I’m swapping this everyday item I use for something from a small business that’s doing things ethically and sustainably. But from an aesthetics standpoint, these truly come in the cutest colors. I always like to have a classic black and neutral mask, but I also loved the colorful options—especially with spring and summer coming up. I have to wear a mask to protect myself and everyone around me when I need to go anywhere, so why not find something that I truly love to put on every time I leave the house? These will now be on heavy rotation!




2. Lip balm or gloss

Especially when wearing a mask, I almost never put on a lip color if I’m leaving my house. Instead, I’ve curated quite the collection of balms and clear glosses to keep my lips moisturized. 



3. Facial spray

For a good chunk of the last year, I carried around a small tub of moisturizer basically everywhere I went. My skin gets really dry with a mask on, and I’m also using way more drying products to help combat all the mask-ne I was getting. Since Soul Mask is really soft and doesn’t tug at my skin, I don’t notice this as much, and instead, I just keep a mini facial spray with me to spritz myself when I feel a little dry. 



4. At least 5 receipts

My mom is a receipt hoarder, and it has made me also a receipt hoarder. She taught me that keeping your receipts in a stash is important because you never know when you’ll need to return something or need to look back on how much you paid. Eventually, I take all of these and decide if I will actually need them or if I can recycle them.


5. Keys and wallet

Obviously, I need to have these to literally survive. I use a cardholder wallet for my everyday cards, and then I keep a bigger wallet at home with checks, gift cards, and anything else that I wouldn’t necessarily need just to run to Target. 



6. Cotton round and mascara

If I’m wearing mascara, it’s a guarantee that it’s going to be everywhere but my lashes by the time I reach my destination. I don’t know if it’s the steam from me breathing into my mask or what, but my mascara travels all across my face and looks heinous in a mere 10 to 15 minutes after I leave my house. So, I’ve been traveling with a cotton round (reusable ones are great for this) to wipe away anything that’s on my face. Then, I keep a small tube of mascara with me for touch-ups. If I’m just running a casual errand, this obviously isn’t an issue, but if I’m meeting up with my quarantine crew or just looking to keep my makeup intact for a little while, this has been my saving grace.



7. Whatever earrings I’m wearing

I notoriously take off my earrings about halfway into an evening without fail. I have sensitive ears, and even my nicest of jewelry bothers me after enough time. Once everyone has seen my outfit, the earrings go straight into my bag (usually to stay until I wear them again). 



This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Soul Mask, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.


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