PSA: Kristin Ess Just Launched 36 (!) New Products at Target

PSA: Kristin Ess Just Launched 36 (!) New Products at Target

When I started my job at The Everygirl, I really wanted to fit in. I was a mere intern, and I appreciated the team so much. I watched every video on our YouTube channel, scoured everyone’s personal Instagrams, and read as many articles as humanly possible. (I had a wild amount of time on my hands then.) And one of the first things I noticed was the affinity our team had for Kristin Ess haircare. I immediately got in on it, and after trying my first product (the magical Blow Dry Mist–still a product I use today!), I was a believer. 

Kristin Ess’s haircare line is full of trendy, high-quality products at a fraction of the cost you’d spend in a salon. Plus, they’re all available to add to your next Target pick-up order. What more could you want? Oh, I know: new products. And KE is here to bring that dream to fruition with a new line of 36 (!! yep!) products that’ll leave you looking refreshed and special for every Zoom meeting, social distanced hangout, and at-home date night you could think of. Don’t worry: we pulled together every new product so you can shop straight from your couch.




Perfect for zhuzhing up second (or fifth, who’s to say)-day hair or adding a little sparkle to your typical style. 

Kristin Ess

The Pearl Slide

This looks like nothing, but its actually my most anticipated new accessory! Slide it onto any hair tie or elastic to spice up every ponytail, braid, and half-up do you try!


Color Conditioners

These are a quarantine dream. If you’re stuck at home and bored with your hair color, these temporary conditioners add a touch of muted color. Plus, they’re also great for touching up your salon color at home. It gently deposits dye to the hair through an ultra-softening, moisturizing conditioner that is free of ammonia and peroxide, making it a much healthier way to color your hair at home. 



Liters + Minis

With these liters, you will never run out of your favorite Kristin Ess shampoo and conditioners. 

Kristin Ess

Daily Cleansing Shampoo Fragrance Free Liter

If you have an easily-irritated scalp or prefer a light cleansing product on your damaged, fine, or color-treated hair, this shampoo from her fragrance-free line will be your new go-to. It lightly washes to get rid of dirt and buildup without stripping your hair of natural oils and color.

Kristin Ess

The One Purple Shampoo Liter

This purple shampoo tones and brightens brassiness in blonde and brunette hair, leaving you with a perfect icy tone every time. I love this for brightening up my golden blonde whenever I’m missing my hairstylist, but it’s especially great if you like a neutral or cool tone color. This is one of the most intense purple shampoos out there, so you only need a little!

Kristin Ess

The One Purple Conditioner Liter

I love this purple conditioner on its own for when I want light toning with lots of smoothness and shine. (But it’s also great to pump up the brightening abilities of the shampoo!)

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