The Sephora Sale Is On! Here Are the Products Our Editor Recommends

The Sephora Sale Is On! Here Are the Products Our Editor Recommends

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

There will never come a time in which I don’t need a new beauty product. My routine is ever-changing, and considering how many products I try, I go through quite a few (check out our empties series in which I consistently finish up like four products every single month—a strong feat for a beauty editor). My Sephora cart is full at any given time with a host of items I’m considering, from new formulas to new shades of my favorites to repurchases and more. So when a Sephora event rolls around, I’m always prepared. 

With all of this beauty testing, I’ve curated quite the list of favorites—and a cart full of new things, of course. And in honor of Sephora’s annual Savings Event, I gathered all of my favorites in one place. Rouge members get 20% off from 4/9-4/19, VIBs get 15% off from 4/13-4/19, and all Beauty Insiders can shop with 10% off starting 4/15-4/19 using the code OMGSPRING in-store and online. 

If we went virtually shopping on the Sephora website together, here’s what I’d convince you to buy, and what I’d pick up myself:

What I Recommend:

Benefit Cosmetics

They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara

Now that I’m starting to notice the effects of GrandeLash, it’s easy for a mascara to impress me. I have decent lashes. It doesn’t have to do too much. So when something actually knocks my socks off, you know the results are damn good. This mascara is the first I’ve found that truly makes it look like I have false lashes. My lashes look fluffy, long, and weighted—everything I look for in a false lash. I have to force myself to use anything else every day since I tried this.

Fenty Beauty

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Powder Foundation

My combination skin doesn’t necessarily lend to powder foundation—or so I thought. While my T-zone definitely could stand the extra fight against oil and grease throughout the day, the rest of my face couldn’t take enough moisturizer in the world to not look dry underneath a heavy powder. But this powder foundation has completely changed my mind, making me realize that maybe, just maybe, powder foundation is my long lost love. I use this a variety of ways: as a foundation all over my face with the puff, to add extra coverage when I just use concealer with a small brush, or to set my entire face with a fluffy powder brush. It gives my skin that velvety smooth texture I’m after without dehydrating my skin. I already have this on deck for summer because it’s the easiest thing to add a little coverage while keeping your skin looking natural. Plus, this product is magic in that it somehow looks better as the day goes on. Mind = blown.

Armani Beauty

Power Fabric Concealer

You know those beauty products that aren’t necessarily glamorous or in fancy packaging, but you use them every single day without fail? That’s me with this concealer. This is my ideal warm-weather concealer. It has a medium coverage, making it ideal on blemishes and dark circles alike, but it has a gorgeous natural finish that blends into whatever I have underneath it. This is my favorite concealer for spot-concealing and letting the rest of my skin breathe because it looks just like my skin. I use this every day and forgot how much I loved it until I recently just finished a tube and tried to go without it for a week… big mistake.

LYS Beauty

No Limits Matte Bronzer

I was ecstatic when LYS Beauty launched at Sephora with an array of products, but admittedly, these bronzers weren’t something I was super stoked about. The foundation, blushes, powders—those intrigued me, but a bronzer is a bronzer, right? (Every beauty lover reading this is like “girl, what?”) But it was pleasant when this took me by surprise as my favorite product in the line. I use this bronzer day in and out because it’s so smooth and blendable, and the undertone is the perfect neutral-warm that isn’t orange but still looks like you were out in the sun. It brings so much life to my face whether I’m wearing a full foundation look or nothing else. The shade selection is also supreme, offering five shades in a full range.


The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick

I just raved about a foundation and a concealer, so you’re probably wondering why I’m also about to completely sell you on this contraption. This is the middle of foundation and concealer, and it is one million percent worth it and, I believe, necessary in any makeup collection. Hear me out: on those days you just can’t bare to worry about putting something on your skin but really wish you had a pick-me-up, this is it. I stick this on top of my vanity, and I use it at least three days a week. It refreshes my skin with just a little bit of coverage anywhere I want it, and it blends seamlessly into my skin with a brush. This is a must-buy for anyone who wants something they can bring on beach days to touch up before heading out for dinner, for hiding a little redness after a workout, or making yourself look alive on a Zoom call.


Propolis Infused Polishing Primer

I sat on ordering this for months, but now that I finally have it, I can confidently say it’s in the top three hair products I own. I have fine, thin, medium-length, straight hair that refuses to hold a style, and this product has saved many of those woes. I use it on dry hair as a heat protectant before I do a style, and it adds just the right amount of hold and texture. I entirely stopped using hairspray once I got this because the hold is even better but makes my hair smell amazing and still feel really soft. I haven’t gone a day without using this since I tried it, and I’m already dreaming of using it on heatless curl days all summer long.

Glow Recipe

Plum Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I have a love-hate relationship with hyaluronic acid serum. First of all, hyaluronic acid and my skin get along better than a Sagittarius and a Cancer (which happens to be the sign of myself and my ~bestie~ editor, Maddie… and also the signs of my parents, making it my ideal Zodiac pairing). When my skin gets a little dry, using a good hyaluronic acid serum or moisturizer perks it back up in a matter of days. But not all serums are created equal, and a lot do practically nothing but leave my face sticky. Plus, I’ve never found something that really encourages me to use it every day, even when my skin is entering the ever-desired “normal” sector in which I don’t need tons more hydration. But this serum changed it all. It isn’t too sticky, but I still feel like it seriously hydrates my skin. And the best part: it makes me question if I even need moisturizer because it’s *that* dewy on my skin. This is my new holy grail serum, and I’d recommend it to every skin type.


Instant Detox Mask

This mask went viral on TikTok, so I had to try it. People swear by it for pulling all the gunk out of their pores, leaving them with clearer, brighter skin. Every time I use it, I feel so luxurious and my my skin looks incredible. I’ve been loving to apply it in the mornings before I do my makeup because it leaves me with the smoothest skin that makeup just glides right over.

Grande Cosmetics

GrandeLASH – MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Splurging on a product you have to wait a while to notice a difference with is always a little hard. I could drop that money on new shoes and wear them tomorrow, but instead I have to apply this every night and just hope it works? So, I bought this during the last Sephora event to save a little money, and a few months later, I’m seriously reaping the benefits. After about four months, my lashes are long enough that even though I still enjoy wearing mascara, I don’t feel like I “have” to; I’m confident with my lashes bare, which I’ve never felt before. I’ve been the girl wearing brown waterproof mascara to the pool since I was 12, and this will be the first year I don’t buy a tube to use (which is truly my strongest endorsement).

Tower 28

ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss

The time is slowly coming when wearing lip products feels a little more normal, and this is my #1 pick if you’re looking for a new gloss this summer. It is the single most comfortable lip gloss to wear: no stickiness or gloopiness, and it stays put for hours, unlike traditional lip glosses that dissipate in mere minutes. These colors are great for every skin tone, and they’re sheer enough to be used on top of basically any lip shade. My favorite way to wear this is just over a neutral lip liner, and my lips look juicy in no time.


What I’m Trying:

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Vision Flush Cheek, Eye, and Lip Color

I’m no stranger to cream blush, but I love a monochromatic, light look for the spring and summer, and this cream product can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks. It comes in a variety of shades, but I picked up Bread ‘N Butter, a gorgeous pinky-mauve I’ll wear all year long. This is said to have a beautiful dewy finish too, making it ideal for a glowy look.

Floral Street

Lipstick Candle

I’m moving next month, and I can’t think of a better housewarming gift than a fancy new candle. This one is a nod to my beauty-loving self, so I’m already planning to put it right atop my vanity. It smells like your most bougie lipstick, with notes of vanilla, leather, peach, and magnolia. With a 40-hour burn time, I’ll have this candle for months too.

Fenty Beauty

Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

Considerably Fenty Beauty’s biggest drop (no pun intended) of 2021, this skin tint is going to be summer’s hottest accessory. I snagged this immediately and am already loving the light coverage with a little bit of concealer. I look put-together and confident, even though it feels like I’m barely wearing makeup.


No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

I will do whatever I have to to get my hands on every Olaplex product on Earth—they just get hair, especially damaged, color-treated hair like my (sorta fake) blonde locks. I’ve always wished the No. 3 was a mask, because frankly, it’s quite a lot of time to put into something that won’t make my hair look immediately better. And this seems like it will solve all of those problems. I’d love to be able to do a mask every week and use No. 3 once a month. In my dreams, this will give me the perfect hair I’ve always wished for. Basically, I added this to my cart immediately.

Isle of Paradise

Self-Tanning Body Butter

It’s officially the season of glow, and Lord knows after spending months and months inside, I need some hefty provisions to get there in the time being. This new body butter tempts me every time I look at the Sephora website, so I think it’s finally time to give it a try. You simply apply this as you would any body moisturizer, and it gradually evens skin tone and adds a glow. Hello summer, here I come!


 Sephora Best-Sellers Our Editors Love



Remember to use code OMGSPRING to get up to 20% off at Sephora through 4/19!

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