I Asked 5 Trader Joe’s Employees What Their Favorite Wines Are—Here’s What They Recommend

I Asked 5 Trader Joe’s Employees What Their Favorite Wines Are—Here’s What They Recommend

This might be a bit of a melodramatic statement but, nonetheless, I stand by it: I would trust a Trader Joe’s employee with my life. Maybe it’s the familiarity of an eager and friendly face or the fact that they don’t make me feel like a big, dumb idiot when I can’t find an item that’s literally right in front of my face. Regardless of the reason, I hold TJ’s employees in the highest regard. So when they tell me what their favorite Trader Joe’s wines are (or give literally any other recommendation), I listen.

I take my wine selections very seriously. Don’t get me wrong… I’m far from a wine snob. But if you think that I’ll leave the grocery store without picking up a bottle of Trader Joe’s wine, you are wildly mistaken. This week, I asked five Trader Joe’s employees which wines they can’t get enough of and the results are in. Here are five affordable wines that Chicago-based Trader Joe’s employees swear by:


1. Phigment Red Blend


A quality red blend for just $5.99? You heard me correctly. The name and the label on this made me think I’d be spending at least 15 bucks on a bottle of red but after a quick query on the price, I almost did a backflip in the middle of Trader Joe’s wine section. It’s full-bodied, easy to drink, and 100 percent my new summer staple.


2. Bread & Butter Chardonnay


Chardonnay lovers, unite—this Bread & Butter variant is going to be your new favorite. This bold white wine has notes of butterscotch, lemongrass, and vanilla and will make you feel fancy AF. Yes, I am resisting the overwhelming urge to mention Marvin Gaye here. thank you for asking.


3. La Sonriente Spanish Red Wine


I would marry this wine based on the label alone, but what’s inside is definitely worth locking down. This Spanish red is a TJ’s fan favorite for a reason. The I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-20-dollars price, the sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor, and the versatility that makes it acceptable to drink at just about any occasion? We can’t ask for much more.


4. Porta 6 Red Blend

This Porta 6 is a complex, sweet wine that you can snag for the wildly inexpensive price of $5.99. It features smooth tannins that leave this affordable red perfectly balanced without being too bitter. 10/10 worth the try.


5. Monique Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

I love a Sauvignon Blanc on a good day but an affordable Sav Blanc with a pretty label just gets me going. This blend is light, crisp, citrusy, and fresh and offers a perfect summertime sip that will keep you coming back for more. 


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